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Optima International, founded in 1993, designed and manufactured the original UVLA/HALS Liquid Laminate™ specifically for Digital Fine Art Ink Jet Prints. Our mission was to provide cost effective Fade Resistance and Moisture Resistance. The other "benefits" made sense as we formulated and reformulated tens of dozens of times for over two years before marketing Maxim XE™ Liquid Laminate™. Such as a fungicide and making the Liquid Laminates™ Highly Flexible.

With the desire to develop the products fully before marketing them, Optima studied all the testing methodologies available in accelerated environments. What we settled on was an entire Terrestrial Spectrum exposure. This would expose the sample from very low NM to very intense NM (nanometers) or 200 lux to 60,000 lux Xenon Arc. Imagine the exultation we felt when the results at all levels of exposure proved that we could provide the fade resistance we wanted!
Since then we have redeveloped the product and added other products to the lineup currently on this Web Site. Optima holds the track record, we have the customer list and the experiment results. Millions of square feet of digital art work now in the market place will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Optima uses a fade resistant system proprietary to our products that renders UVLA/HALS Obsolete. The benefits are numerous: Long Term Fade Resistance in an ODORLESS, Colorless, highly flexible Liquid Laminate™.

In addition, since the first automatic Liquid Laminators™ applicator offered by Optima in 1993 (Daige). We have aligned ourselves with the World Leader Engineering/Manufacturing producer of coating equipment. Epic International has taken the Optima Liquid Laminators™ design to a level unrivaled by anything available anywhere today. Produced completely from scratch, the Rollacoat Systems™ Liquid Laminators™ provide the most technologically advanced approach to a "Heirloom" digital art work available.

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